All products sold on this site are artisanal and have been made entirely by hand.

We guarantee that all our ceramics are made of non-toxic materials and colors intended for food use.

Defects of conformity

The use of manual labor and the craftsmanship of the production process can never guarantee the perfection of an industrial execution, which is why all the imperfections that fall within the scope of a normal and accurate manual processing can not be considered a defect.

If, however, you should find a lack of conformity on the goods purchased, a non-compliance with the description on the site or if the product had obvious defects beyond the craftsmanship of the product or damage not due to transport, it will be sufficient a timely communication (maximum within 10 days of receipt of goods), by any means: online through our form, by e-mail writing to info@studiofes.com, postal letter  (the letter must be sent to Studio Fes Via Roma Minori, 84010 SA ).

To better identify the defect it will be advisable to accompany the report by sending photos that illustrate it in detail. As soon as we receive your communication we will contact you and give you directions for the return and for the refund or exchange of goods. Nothing will be imputed to you, everything is at no cost.