Donkeystoreciucciostore born from the idea of Marco Fusco and Giuseppe Palermo to give a second life to the icon of Vietri ceramics and the Amalfi Coast: the Ciuccio!

The Ciuccio is the symbol par excellence of the traditional ceramics of Vietri sul Mare and is a symbol and lucky charm of the Amalfi Coast. Donkeystoreciucciostore presents the Ciuccio Redesigned in a modern key, transformed into an icon of pop art style, which takes possession of all objects made of ceramic or with the most varied materials.

Ciuccio Story

The Donkey Mascot, ‘O Ciuccio in our local dialect, has been and still is a protagonist in the everyday’s lif of the Amalfi Coast.

The donkey was painted on the Vietri Ceramics for the first time by Richard Dolker  itn the so called “german period” at the beginning of the 30’s.

The artist aims to redeem the donkey for all the hard work of carrying heavy loads through the lemons terrace gardens of the Amalfitana Coast.

Later on the Vietri ceramic masters gave it a humorous meaning and in the years the donkey has become a symbol of their ceramic in the world.

For the Amalfi people the donkey becomes a symbol of social revenge to the point that a fountain was dedicated to it, “Fontana Cap’ e Ciuccio” (Donkey Head fountain) that rappresent two souls of of ancient Amalfi, the noble and peasant one. The donkey becomes the icon of hard work but also acts the glourious spirit of the Amalfi Coast people.

That’s why the donkey is the mascot of the Amalfi Coast to buy as a gift or for yourself.