Art, design and craftsmanship are the characteristics of the Made in Italy brand Mark Pepper, which was born in the frame of the Amalfi Coast by two artists: Marco Fusco and Giuseppe Palermo.

It is the synthesis of two different and complementary subjects, Marco Fusco and Giuseppe Palermo, original artists of the Amalfi Coast, which takes shape Mark Pepper: an initiative born in a context of play and experimentation in which the two decide to give shape to all the their most disparate ideas, with a carefree and ironic approach that focuses on shaping both ceramic art and the concept of design.

Different artistic paths have brought them here. Marco starts from the local tradition linked to the craftsmanship of ceramics and arrives at an artistic interpretation oriented towards form, colors, completely personal drawings. Giuseppe was born as a visual artist, with Pepe as a name of art, and an artistic production strongly influenced by a continuous research of experimentation on different materials. In particular, his works are made of cement mixtures and recovery elements.

The result of the artistic union between the two are handmade products often out of the ordinary and unusual, born from a real interaction between man, territory and matter, and that are characterized by a basic irony: buttons and buttons, vases that do not serve to a pipe, waterless flowers, flat feet, monster bookcases etc.

Alongside the ceramic production products made with poor or recycled materials such as concrete clocks or silhouette lamps.